Master Excel 2007 Ribbon

Over the last few years, there has been much debate about the merits and perils of Microsoft Ribbon UI in Excel 2007. Personally I think ribbon is a good way to explore an application. I have gotten used to it since I tested excel 2007 for first time. Now, during the rare occasions I work on excel 2003, I feel strange navigating through a bunch of menus to do even the simplest things (like aligning cell content vertically).
As more and more people are migrating to excel 2007 (and eventually to excel 2010) it is very important to master the ribbon UI to beĀ  productive with spreadsheets.

So to make you an excel guru, I am releasing afree learning guide to excel 2007 ribbon interface.

The learning guide has 10 pages. It explains 7 ribbons and has 3 more pages of ribbon tips. The ribbon tabs explained are,

  1. Home ribbon tab
  2. Insert ribbon tab
  3. Page Layout ribbon tab
  4. Formulas ribbon tab
  5. Data ribbon tab
  6. View ribbon tab
  7. Review ribbon tab

See the sample page for insert tab (click on it to see at higher resolution)